Get Involved


  • Coordinators - David and Carol Mitchell (734) 945-3281

    First Time guest at Grace? Looking for the right place for you? Talk to David and Carol! They are more than happy to tell you about all the things that are going on here at Grace, and help you find the right place to get connected with other members! See them in the lobby in the main sanctuary! Also you can fill out a connection card here!

  • Coordinator - Mike Overholt (864) 378-2392

    Welcome to the Men's Group at Grace! This group gets together for fellowship, cookouts, golf outings, and all sorts of activities that bring men together! We aim to to be Godly men that support each other and encourage each other to live more like Christ. 

  • Coordinator - Gina Brown (864) 980-4000

                           Jamilah Nelson (864) 612-5041

    Open to all women who want to study the Bible, form lasting relationships, go on trips together, and share life experiences over great food! The Grace Women's Group is the place to get involved with other women who strive to live in a way that serves God. 

  • Coordinator - Nita Hozey (864) 828-2990

    If you are over 60 OASIS is the group for you! The OASIS group goes on trips, has lunch outings, and movie nights! This group is thrives on fellowship and being active. For more information about upcoming events contact Nita Hozey!

  • Coordinators - Jacob Schultz (864) 828-1847

                             Joy Schultz (864) 547-3222

    Interested in global missions or local mission projects? Get involved with the missions and outreach group! Our aim is to be short term missions team with a long term impact. We want to spread God's love here in the Greenwood area and globally as well! 

  • Worship Team

    Stephanie McMann (864) 981-2908

    Musically gifted? Get involved and be a part of the Grace Worship Team! We are always open to new members and we would love to talk to you and hear what you can do!

    Hands of Grace Dance Team

    Jessica Kelly (864) 337-8621

    Want to praise God through dance? Hands of Grace is the group for you! We are an interpretive dance team that does performances periodically on Sundays! We would love to have you join us and see what we do!

  • Coordinators - Jacob Schultz (864) 828-1847  

                               Joy Schultz (864) 547-3222

    Are you looking for a community of young people who want to serve Jesus? The Grace Young Adult Ministry is for you! We have fun events each month and we are in the process of starting a small group study! Contact us if you are interested!

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